A Guide to Strata in Successful Property Development

Get it wrong can mean:
  • Risk to your reputation
  • Reduce
  • Costs associated with defect resolution
  • Lost opportunities to maximise value
  • Risk violating regulations and legislation
Let us save you money and costly mistakes.

What’s at risk

Without professional strata management from the beginning:
  • Puts your good reputation at risk
  • Increases the difficulty in marketing your units and extracting maximum value
  • Good lead to loss of potential tenant opportunities
  • Can result in additional costs in defect resolution
  • Lost opportunities for saleable/leasable areas of the property
  • Risk violating council regulations and the Strata Management Act
As a professional Strata Management Consultant, our contribution can save you money and costly mistakes.

Why a professional Strata manager

Our strata expertise will assist you navigate:
  • All legislative requirements,
  • Titling structure
  • Advice on the ramifications of certain facilities and service contractor agreements,
  • Accurately represent budgets to purchasers
  • Accurately represent individual lot entitlements to purchasers.
  • Common area insurance,
  • Ownership transfer certification (184 Certificates in NSW),
  • Advice on building codes and standards,
  • Reduce your risk of future defect claims.
We can assist you navigate your way through acquisition, legislation, plans, sales and strata to develop a successful build.

What we offer

Our specialist in-house senior experts ensure we deliver a transparent approach and can guide and add genuine value to your project.
  • Clean handover to the Owners corporation
  • Expert advice
  • Experience you can rely on
  • Ensuring a successful project
  • Experience involved in developments ranging from:
  1. High Density
  2. Mixed Use
  3. Unit Developments
  4. Town houses
  5. Industrial, Commercial and Retail

What are the benefits to you?

The handover is one of the most important phases of your development; as a successful handover will enhance your good reputation, make project marketing easier and deliver happier investors. This can means:
  • Better buying power
  • Easier financing
  • Ability to source and work with better contractors and suppliers
  • Boost buyer confidence
Helps smooth the way with regulators.

Changing nature of Strata Schemes legislation.

Not being up to date on these changes can mean pitfalls for developers:
  • Restrictions on parties
  • Initial maintenance schedule
  • Limited proxies
  • Contract of sale obligations
  • Building defects
  • Appointing a building inspector
  • Having an expert aboard to assist you navigate these changes.
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